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Most meme/caption makers fall under one of two cats. Either they are simple to use and look like crap or so complicated to learn and/or spamish it’s hardly worth it. I’ve found Ipiccy to be low spam with enough features to be able to make kewl stuff without being overtly complicated. Still there is a little learning curve hence this tut. And pics being worth a 1000 words they will make it easy-peasy to learn.
Ok here you go, watch out below. First off open IPPICY.COM
in a new tab. Hit the “Create New Design”. It’s at the top-right just find my cursor.
Click on “NEW” at the top.
A white box will pop up. Hit the “START FROM IMAGE” at the bottom-left of the box. As always just find my cursor. Select your image and hit upload and……..
Up it comes. Find and click the “Add Text” symbol top-leftish. Find cursor, last time telling.
On the left of the screen you’ll see the tools in the vertical Designer bar. Find and click the “Trebuchet MS” button right under the “Text settings”
When you click it a drop down will appear as in the pic above. Find a font you like. Fat ones do best. Scripty and jazzy ones look kewl until you plaster them on an image. But it’s your gig, do what you like. Hey wasn’t that an old 60s pop song?
The pesky attention whore won’t close on it’s own. You’ll have to X it out.
Ok, Right under that you’ll see the “your text here” text box. (The cursor turned into a vertical I bar within the text box). Write/Paste In your wit. I strongly advise writing it in your favorite text editor with spell check enabled and pasting it in. Nobody looks worse than the guy that calls someone an idiot with spelling errors. Don’t be that guy.
HINT: If you don’t have a spell check text editor handy just scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the comment box. As long as your browser isn’t ancient it will spell check for you.
If it looks like it’s going to be to much text for one line put in a carriage return now. Two lines will look different when colored in than one. Make sure you remove the space after you hit enter. The space will make a difference when you align things later.
Ok, scroll down the vertical tool bar. It’s a little pesky as in it won’t scroll with your mouse wheel, least on my computer. You’ll have to grab the thin bastard and pull it down with your left mouse button. Kind of hard to see, it’s that thin gray bar on the right that blends in. Check off the top 4 boxes as shown and wala, let there be cool color in your text.
Before doing anything else click on the “Stroke Settings”
The Stroke Settings box pops up. Click on the color box.
Change the color to black from the default shit grey that looks terrible.
Moving your text around is as easy as grab and drag. (Left mouse click over the text and hold down)
Sizing is as easy as dragging the size bar or you can use the text box to the right of the size bar.
Now that it’s sized to your liking drag it around again to center it up.
Opps, me bad. Forgot to tell you to center align the text. It’s easy to forget if the two text lines are pretty even in length.
Ok, you’re halfway done and looking good like ripe titties in cream. If the color looks good scroll on down, if it clashes like the sample above click the “Gradient Fill Settings”
Click the tiny left color drag box as indicated above.
The color for the selected color drag box will now show up in the larger color box below it. Click the bitch baby.
Choose your color.
Click on the right color drag box to select and then the larger color box below it.
Pick your poison. (color)
If things are looking dandy close out the gradient fill settings box. (It’s pesky and won’t go away on it’s own.) But more than likely you’ll have to play with it a little. Like on this example I was going to go with a dark brown for the bottom color but it blended in with the pic to much hence the orangish hue I used.
You can also play with the angle bar and flip the colors or get them changing from side to side instead of up and down. Radial will make the color telescope from center on out. Dragging the little color drag boxes will increase said color.
Now take a good look at it. Changing colors, fonts, etc will be more of a hassle from here on out. Nows the time to play with the “Drop Shadow” and “Bevel” settings if you wish but I find the defaults normally work well. When you are satisfied right click on text and click “Duplicate”
It will look like nothing happened. Don’t duplicate again, it’s there. Just left click and hold and drag. You’ll see it separate.
Drag it to the middle so you can work on it. Final placement is later so don’t hassle with it now.
Now give yourself credit. You can skip this part but for the sake of your cat I would not advise it. Nothing pisses you off more than taking the time to make this and having some ying yang plastering his shit name on your excellent work and grabbing the glory. You might get so mad you kick the cat. Don’t hurt the poor putty cat.
Here’s an easy copy and paste.
Paste it into the text box and change the “Your Handle”
Not required but if you’re going to post it on my blog an @ would be greatly appreciated. Spaming links to other sites is grounds for castration. Generally, links to your Facebook, Twitter etc are ok unless it’s being used as a spam portal. If you have a non profit/spam blog you want to use put up a link back for me on your blog please and fire away.
Ok, You’re already an old hand at this so lets expedite and get it done. Reduce the size.
Move the bitch around and get it looking good.
Almost never fits quite right on the first try so reduce/increase the size.
Move it to it’s final resting spot.
Ok, Take a long look at it. Satisfied? If so click save at the top.
“Ooo shit that’s wrong.” It’s ok, you can go back. You can’t see it in the capture above but look at the one below. On the left, at the top of the Designer box you see the various layers. Click on the one you want to edit. Your changes won’t propagate to the other layers hence my warning long ago about getting font, colors etc set.
Type in a file name thats easily recognized. Hint: Using something like “funny-pervy-grandfather-meme” will get you more hits from searches than “pic01”, many more. Don’t change the .jpg beside the name to .png. Png has it’s uses but files sizes are to big for this. I think I have the setting on my site set so you can’t even upload them.
High is the default for the quality and is generally ok. But you don’t see much difference in Q between Normal and High so if it’s a big pic, you’ll see the projected file size under the thumb, go with the Normal.
Save your masterpiece and attach it to a comment on one of the many threads I have going and be immortalized. People will want to know you. Chicks will dig you. You’ll get invited to parties etc.
I wrote this pretty quick so if there’s anything you don’t understand feel free to ask in a comment 🙂

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