Golden Douche Bag Award Trump

Golden Douche Bag Award Trump

Know someone that’s a real douche bag? Your boss, someone famous, whoever. Now you can give them the recognition the asshole deserves. Simply nominate them by uploading a pic and include a little about why they are a real douche. Our team of expert slackers will do the rest. Shorty you will be presented with a certified award suitable for framing. Better yet for inserting in the company’s e-mail chain (mischievous Calvin snicker). (Don’t do any of this from your company’s computers!!)

We’ll start with Trump. Hey, even if you like him he is the president which automatically qualifies the man.

Vote em up, Vote em down. Up your own to be judged. (Hit the little camera box, bottom-right in the comment field.) But please observe the posting rulez. If you’d like to add some text to your pic before uploading go HERE for an easy tutorial on how to make a kewl one quick. Or if that’s to much work just add a funny joke that fits the thread 🙂

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Do this douche. His name is Jared Fogle. You know the rest.

Jared Fogle.jpg

How bout Brady? Have a family member that used to run into him though work. She though he was the most arrogant asshole in the world until he married that hideous model. Then he had the entire universe covered. Other notable offenses include cheating, crying like a wussy all the time, kicking another player in the nuts to keep from getting tackled. The list is long.