No Mo Pron

After much consideration I have decided to take down all the pron on my sites and go with the adult humor. For those curious about all of this read on or screw it, just check out some of this funny stuff and have a good time.

I already received some e-mails bitching about no mo pron along with the just curious that have visited over the years. “Yea, I know, there’s tons of pron on the net but you were the only one that didn’t spam, pop, and hit us with coin miners.” Sorry guys, It’s to the point I detest pron. All my friends think I have such a great job. Buuuuuuuuullshit, It sucks like a two bit hooker working for a Franklin. A lot of these girls should leave their clothes on if you know what I mean. I guess that’s why CFNM is so popular lol, (Clothed Female, Naked Male) And when you do find a decent looking wench you can’t get the whore to bathe. I mean your doing a photo or vid shoot knowing it’s going to be plastered all over the net and your to fucking lazy to shave. If I never have have to see a skanky, two day stubble, purple pussy lipped snatch again it will sit just fine with I.

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You should anyways, this site isn't exactly SFW ;)

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Hold on, You had this really huge porn site and you don’t even like porn?


dam dude I’m going to miss your site first luclinks then you. I liked your site it was cool but I do understand why you quit. I been telling guys for more than 5 years that the industry is flooded with women. it’s no longer worth it for a girl to do porn the money is short term and it’s too competitive. porn is really just a place for hot lazy young girls or older lazy women who want attention. I just went and reread you post you sound like you might be going mgtow. hope you reply you seem like an interesting person.
laterz an cheers.


Wow your back. Sorry to see the porn go but you are correct. Its all over the net. Are you going to bring back the caption maker? I loved that thing. Cheers