Caption Maker FAQ and Bug Reports


Caption Maker Beta

Well so far it seems to be a hit to say the least. A few minor bugs but overall the response has been awesome. Feel free to ask any and all Qs in the comment section. Requests for additional features on future upgrades seriously considered. But please keep the following in mind.

Basic Limitations

This program is small for good reason, That allows it be loaded and run in your browser without clogging up the plumbing as they say. I could add a zillion and one features and support every browser on the planet but we’d be back to the same old big ass clunky program you have to install and take a college course just to learn how to run. And considering the coding involved in such an endeavor I’d undoubtedly have to charge you for it or hit you with coin miners and crap like you get elsewhere. I’d rather keep it on the easy and fun side. 🙂

Browser Support

Designed and tested on Chrome 65. Also works at first blush in latest FF. Will test it deeper when I have time. Feedback from you Fire Foxers would be appreciated. IE nada, and probably never will, spoke the the script writer about it and soon came to the conclusion supporting IE would double or even triple the script size and therefore the load. Others we plan on taking a look at in the next version. If the software can be tweaked to include them then by all means. If it’s a IE kind of thing then sorry.

Known Bugs

Only one that really bothers me so far isn’t really a bug. Would really like to be able to drag a picture from the page into the drop box like you can from Windows Explorer. Speced it that way but it wasn’t to be. The software writer was having a terrible time with it and considering what a bang up job he did with the rest of the script I had to let it go. For now anyways. We will return to it in the next version and hopefully make it so. (fingers crossed)

Future Features

On the next go around the most wanted upgrade in consideration right now is additional fonts. Problem is for every font we add your browser will need to download since very few fonts are universal to all devices. See the insistent pull towards big and clunky, it’s like some kind of black hole or Borg assimilater sucking you in against your will lol. But on the bright side we think we will be able to figure out a way to let you use local fonts (ones already loaded onto your device). Again, fingers crossed. Feel free to make requests. Like I said we need to keep it small but that doesn’t mean nothing else can be added.