Wow Girls Mia Sollis in Redhead In The Mood

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Wow Girls Mia Sollis in Redhead In The Mood

Mia Sollis strips on the bed revealing her stunning body

wow-girls-mia sollis-in-redhead-in-the-mood-01

(Go full size with this flick. It’s 1280×720!)

Que’s Review for the Wow Girls

The Mojo
The object here is to wow you with some sweet, petite, fresh pussy in hi-def. And they fucking succeed!

Ups and Downs
First off the chicks are hot as shit, Let your eyes be the judge. Nuff said unless you like grannies in which case you quit this gallery long ago. Then there are a lot of sites that promise hi-def. These guys deliver! True wide screen and a gig, gig and a half is not unusual for the flicks. (Smaller sizes also available.) The site is split between Wow Porn for the hardcore flicks, which you see above, (Yes, These are freaking screen caps!) and Wow Girls for the glamor photo shoots. Pics are high quality and I didn’t see one set that didn’t have at least a 4000px option and many are up to 6000px.
Hard to find downers on this one. Only one I can come up with is they have only been online since 2011. But then again they update every day so there is already plenty of content. Other than that it’s not really a dial up kind of place. I guess you could make due if your willing to wait a bit for the pics and you’d have to set up the flicks to download over night. They do have smaller versions of both flicks and pics for you guys but still you would need some patience.

Network sites included?
You get Wow Porn and Wow Girls. The two sites are so closely integrated model and content wise I merged the reviews.

Over all recommendation
Fucking A! If anyone e-mails me bitching about me recommending this site I’m going to call you a faggot. Young, fresh pussy in hi-def, What the fuck more could you want!

Check out both, doesn’t matter which you join, you get both with your membership.
WOW Porn or WOW Girls